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"For big salmon, the cut-plug herring rules"
Northern British Columbia Salmon angler

Opaka announces the availability of its new line of Earth Friendly Fishing Products.

Whether you have a passion for fishing nymphs, other sub-surface artificials or bait in fresh or salt water, or using cut-plug baits when mooching or trolling for Salmon, we have innovative fishing products to meet your needs.

And through our partnership with the Dr. Slick Company, we offer some of the finest hand tools and accessories. In our continued commitment to provide environmentally friendly products, Opaka now carries non-toxic split shot weights by BossTin for all types of fishing. Conservation minded anglers can now prevent harmful lead from entering your favorite waters by switching to non-toxic, lead-free split shot by BossTin.

The KUT N GUT™ makes preparing perfect cut-plug baits easy . Hand crafted in the U.S. and made from high quality materials, the Kut N Gut™ are tools for serious salmon anglers that want uncompromised cut-plug baits.
The SPLIT N SAVE™ solves the nagging problem of removing split shot weights from your tippet without leaving your spot in the stream. Save your lead based or non-toxic split-shot and help the environment and your pocketbook.

Opaka LLC donates a percentage of profits after taxes for conservation and preservation of wild trout, salmon, and steelhead species and habitats.